Creator in Chief, Adam , poses near some flaoting shelves at a client's home in Austin, TX

Creator in Chief, Adam, poses near some flaoting shelves at a client's home in Austin, TX


Published artist in Arches and South Sound Magazine.

Owner and Founder of Lucky Fish Designs since 2015.

Graduate of Port Townsend School of Woodworking

Featured artist at Art for the People Gallery


It is my belief that every different tree has its own unique piece of furniture hiding within it.  As a maker, it is my job to work with the wood to expose its full potential, rather than work the wood into what I think it should be.  The wood lets you know very early in the process when you are betraying its desires, and contrarily seems to just sing when you are able to interpret those desires.

My ultimate goal is to facilitate a connection between the client and the local environment, by allowing the tree to tell its story.  Inside each tree there is an autobiography written in the grain; it tells us the story of that tree's life, and gives us an in depth look at the environmental changes in that exact location over the past 60-100 years.  This is an amazing thing!  Unfortunately, today's consumption channels do their best to keep us at arm's length from these narratives, separating us from our own naturally human roots, as a participant in a vast environmental machine.

I am classically trained as a hand tools only woodworker and the insight that is gained from the intimate process of coaxing form out of wood with only your hand-tuned chisels and saws is invaluable to my process.  Although I do use machines now to help me accomplish longer tasks more efficiently, I carry with me the methodology and philosophy of the artisans of antiquity.