Adam Saltzer- Founder of Lucky Fish Designs

Adam Saltzer- Founder of Lucky Fish Designs


Published artist in Arches and South Sound Magazine.

Owner and Founder of Lucky Fish Designs since 2015.

Graduate of Port Townsend School of Woodworking

Featured artist at Art for the People Gallery

My Process

My process begins and ends with listening. 

So we'll talk, a lot.

As your designer it is my job to learn everything there is to know about your tastes and how you plan to use your new piece of furniture in the space.  With the goal of creating a space that is uniquely you always in mind, we work together, to piece by piece, to unify the room into a cohesive, emotional and physical experience.

Today's furniture consumption channels do their best to keep us at arm's length from that experience, urging us to buy faster, buy on trend, and buy more often.  As a result, we forget how to be at ease, we forget what it feels like to be home.  My ultimate goal, aside from creating heirloom quality custom furniture, is to offer a way to bring back that sense of home.  We will work closely together to make sure we build a you a desk that makes you feel productive, a chair that makes you want to sit down with a a good book, or a dining table that makes you feel like a super-host. Ultimately a home that is uniquely you.

I apprenticed as a hand tools only woodworker in Washington, and although I do use machines now to help me accomplish longer tasks more efficiently, I carry with me the methodology and philosophy of the ancient artisans which was such a cornerstone of my training.